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How can i enter a value ?

You can use this input to enter an hexadecimal value from #000000 -> #FFFFFF or a rgb value from 0,0,0 -> 255,255,255 or a color name like blue,....
the hexadecimal can be written without the # . Then generate to get the result.
There are 16 777 216 colors (224) with hexadecimal or rgb values that can be specified for a web color.

What does this icon mean ?

This icon helps user to copy easily hexadecimal value to clipboard, without doing ctrl+c or cmd +c.
It's a simple way to copy hexadecimal value or html code to your webpage

How can i select a color from a colorpicker ?

You can open the colorpicker with this icon
And the color picker will be displayed :

What does this icon mean ?

It helps to add hexadecimal color to palette.You can easily get css code of the palette you've made.
A simple way to create a stylesheet with color code.

How can i generate a background image with a specific color code and with a specific width and height ?

1) Choose a color
2) Go to bottom of page and you'll see the generator for example with #0080ff color
3) Specify width and height of image (use the slider or enter a value) , then save it to your computer.

How to apply color code to my web page ?

1) Create a file : page.html (with a text editor)
2) Copy and paste code into the file.
3) Open with a browser page.html

Examples of color integration with HEXADECIMAL values :

<span style="color:#6495ed">a text</span>
a text

<div style="color:#6495ed;width:500px;height:50px;border:2px solid #6495ed;">a text</div>
a text

<div style="background-color:#6495ed;width:500px;height:50px;"></div>

<style type="text/css">.example{ color:#6495ed;}</style>
<span class="example">a text</span>
a text

Examples of color integration with RGB values :

<span style="color:rgb(100, 149, 237);">a text</span>
a text

<div style="background-color:rgb(100,149,237);width:500px;height:50px;"></div>

Examples of color integration with Color name :

<div style="background-color:cornflowerblue;width:500px;height:50px;"></div>

Others informations

What means Hex ?

Hex = Hexadecimal (base 16)

What means RGB ?

Red Green Blue

Red Green Blue percentage values (With Bar chart and Css) are rounded to 2 decimals.

What means HSL ?

H = Hue
S = Saturation
L = Lightness

H S L values are represented as number from 0 to 1.

To use it with css properties

HUE is represented as an angle of the color circle : 0 -> 360°
SATURATION and LIGHTNESS are represented as percentage.

<span style="color:hsl(180,100%,50%);">a text</span>
a text

What means CMYK ?

C = Cyan
M = Magenta
Y = Yellow
K = Key

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